[REJECTED] Unban requesto


New member
May 14, 2014
  1. Hallo, my name is Timmeh, (-LogG- #Timmeh#)
    Banned on : 06-25-12 20:14 Yes, 2 years ago...
    Is above ^
    Well, my explanation would be... I was banned 2 years ago, as I see it I'm trying to play on 'The Ship' And that RKS is the only server with actual players on it! I would love to join and help out with the community
Our bans are mostly permanent. I'm going to have to consult this one with my staff before making a decision given how you have ridiculous amount of bans with other communities as well as a VAC ban. Might only be a partial unban.
Given the available information I see no reason to unban you unless you can provide evidence towards improved behavior.
Original reason given was prop killing on gmod and denying responsibility.
Since all of our bans are across all servers I would say no. Mainly because of the large number of bans that this person has from other community's shows him to be disruptive. On the other hand what he says is true, we do have the only populated ship server if it would be possible to unban him from that I would be all for it.