Mechaphantom Banned Pleased unbann I'm sorry


New member
Apr 25, 2017
Mechaphantom US-lax-1 Theship Server
UserID Stean_0:0:45751943
Banned Apirl 24 around 3-6 pm

I only had game for a few hours played single player played the how to level. Entered game found a mechine gun ented a room just shot everyone dead and it gave me a message, banned for 30 secounds killing to many innocents. I said i was sorry and wouldn't do it again in chat I was new, I found my target or who I thougt was it and killed them and was banned this time for 60 min time the message said i think i killed 7 innocent people total within 2 rounds. I got a message banned for 60 min.

It been about 24 hours and still banned. Was a bone head mistake and I'm sorry I like this sever it has most people on it but if it not to be it not to be. Please unban me I'm really sorry. I wont mass muder anymore I didnt realize it was a bannable offense at first.

Thank you for your time.
Sorry, that's not my server and I got no ability to unban you from it. We only control servers with in the name. Try contacting the administrators for that server and maybe they'll help you out.
Oops oops I just followed steam guide to here sorry I'll try again later and see how to do that. I'm a noob :0