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If you were globally banned from an RKS server and would like to file a ban reversal request, please follow the directions below.

For Global Bans

  1. Create a new topic on this forum with your name in the subject.
  2. Provide the following information in the post.
    a. Your full in game name.
    b. The server you were banned in (IP and Port)
    c. Around what time, what date you were banned on.
    d. Your Steam ID (looks like STEAM_0:0:12345678)
    e. Your Explanation of why you should be unbanned. Attach any evidence if you have them.
  3. Wait for a reply.

For Local Bans on The Ship Server

  1. You must determine if you are globally banned or locally banned. To do this. go to RKSzone.com SourceBans - RKS Clan Global Ban Administration System and search for your ban. If you do not see one, continue with step 2. If you do see one, follow procedures for Global Bans above.
  2. Wait for the next map to be automatically unbanned.
  3. Play on the server and try not to get autobanned again. Excessive bans will result in an automatic global ban.
  4. If you are still unable to play, file the directions for Global Bans above.


  • Who handles the appeals? - All appeals for bans are handled by PY004 or Fireproofthor.
  • What happens once you appeal a ban? - All appeals are reviewed by PY004 or Fireproofthor. Server logs will be reviewed, and the admin who banned you will be consulted as well as any witnesses and other evidence there may be.
  • What standard of proof is required? - For most cases, preponderance of evidence. Basically this means that you must prove that your account of what happened is more likely to be true than what the admin who banned you is alleging. This might seem simple, but also remember the admin has earned our trust over the years, so expect to have some really good reason. For any violations involving Aimbots, ESP, etc, you must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were not doing anything wrong.
  • In what cases would I get unbanned? - If you can prove that you did nothing wrong, you will be unbanned. Also if you acknowledge your fault, and show remorse for your actions, you may be unbanned if this is your first offence. Aimbots, ESP or other such violations are always permanent bans and are not rescinded unless you can prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were not hacking. Also note "my friend was on my account" or any other variation of this excuse (my brother, cousin, whatever) is not a valid excuse. Steam TOS clearly states it is not allowed!
    Steam TOS said:
    You may not reveal, share or otherwise allow others to use your password or Account. You agree that you are personally responsible for the use of your password and Account and for all of the communication and activity on Steam that results from use of your login name and password
  • Who may appeal a ban? - Only the person banned himself may file an appeal. You may not file for your friend, family, etc.
  • Do you allow appeals to be filed through steam chat or e-mail? - No.

Global bans can be found at RKSzone.com SourceBans - RKS Clan Global Ban Administration System
Note: All bans on RKSzone.com are backed up daily to multiple offsite servers. In the event RKS closes and reopens, all previous bans will still be in effect!
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