CityScript and SeriousRP


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Dec 30, 2008
England, UK
I know SeriousRP is probably a bit of a running joke, but if anyone is still interested in following the progress of either CityScript or SeriousRP over the coming months, you can find them here:

I actually nearly finished CityScript, which is something!

I've no doubt people have moved on to greener fields by now, though...
I am excited! I shall take alook! Thanks for the update phil! And yes, we've been waiting patiently for SeriousRP since 2007 as our website states. Regardless of it being a joke or not, it is still welcome news!

Edit: This was posted under announcements so only admins are able to respond to it. However, ChrisC would like to say he's really looking forward to SeriousRP!
Wow I like it so far! It looks very "serious"!!

I love the transformers and the power system. I wonder if I can zap people with the 11000V supply!
Haha Phil nice to see you are still around! How are things going for ya?

It's crazy that it's been that long since we met you. I remember the good old days when we built you a church in DarkRP. I still have hope that one day we will be able to do the same in SeriousRP. One day it will be released. But even if it doesn't, it's all good. We've had a great run regardless and we've all grown up. RKS is not the cohesive organization it used to be. It's now a loosely organized community where we just hang out after work to talk and maybe play a round or two of games. We definitely don't have the time to run servers like we used to.

SeriousRP was at a point our hope for a fix to the DarkRP problem especially the way Falco was taking it. Now it represents how much we have progressed since then. And for that we have to thank you.

PS If you get that transformer in, the first thing I am doing is that I will use it to Zap ChrisC. He's the guy we make fun of all the time. It's a running joke that everything is ChrisC's fault and we try to do everything possible to kill him or sabotage him in games. :)