[APPROVED] Narlex unban request ;)


CoFounder of RKS
Nov 12, 2008
a. Server: Teamspeak server (teamspeak.rkszone.com)
b. I don't know when I was banned.
c. You don't need this
d. Ask A-Man for what I told him or Michael for being in the channel when I was banned half the time

I was told by somebody to get on to make this thread, so I'm making it. I've been harassed on Teamspeak and my latest bans were pretty unwarranted, but I deserved the first few for mic spam. This may not sound that apologetic, but it's due to probably a year of harassment from people given admin by a certain somebody specifically to mess with me. Anyways, I'm just here to say I never intended to go out of my way to pester people. My antics were in good fun and the bans usually occurred at the same time as great laughter from those in the room. It was almost a joke to ban me at some point. The recent issue with myself sending several pokes to Stins was something I did out of frustration because I was banned for reasons not posted on the rules list as well as when I was set up (I was told to play sounds before promptly being thrown into another channel where I was banned by another admin. This happened twice I believe?).

All-around swell guy A-Man (How could I not plug that fella in?) unbanned me when I was banned out of nowhere a few times. I was unbanned on the condition I behave myself, which I did, though I was then setup at that point ("hey narlex, play that sound again. Please. I want to hear it" *thrown into another channel*) followed by a Chris ban (he was out to ban me for some reason. This may have been when I was globally banned without knowing?) I think. I really can't remember. Regardless, I've behaved myself ever since the first unban by A-Man, and with the most recent unban, I'd deleted my soundboard plugin to ensure that trend continues. My memory is off so I can't recall which bans happened when and for exactly what, but what I gave should be mostly accurate. I'm a fair bit biased because I'm still frustrated nobody bothered to tell me I was globally banned as well as the sheer duration of many of these bans and their reasons. Regardless, I've behaved myself as of recent and hopefully this is seen. Here's my thread.