[APPROVED] HunterRS's Unban


Nov 4, 2015
a. Your full in game name. HunterRS
b. The server you were banned in (IP and Port) Teamspeak
c. Around what time, what date you were banned on. About three weeks ago, I forget the day
d. Your Steam ID (looks like STEAM_0:0:12345678): Not needed, is it?
e. Your Explanation of why you should be unbanned. Attach any evidence if you have them. I was banned for being annoying to the staff. I would wish to be unbanned because I think I have changed and I am more quiet.
Unban request has been received and is now under review by the administration. A response will be given when available. This process takes approximately 1-3 days.
Too my knowledge the ban was made RKS's Teamspeak server. Not the Aurora Station
This is within RKS jurisdiction. However, it relates to both RKS and Aurora and therefore, it proceeds with collaboration of Aurora admins as well. You have made the unban request in the right forums.
Well, everything is getting unapproved that I am saying.

If the unban goes through on Aurora, will it get lifted?

So if the unban goes through on the Aurora, will it get lifted?
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Unban request has been approved.

Your ban has been lifted from the Teamspeak server. Aurora firewall should automatically unban you within the next 48 hours.

Please note: all admins have standing orders to permanently ban you for any infraction of the rules. Please ensure you behave maturely in the server as that was the primary problem last time. Note the next ban will be final and no appeals will be accepted.