[APPROVED] Goodhue's unban request.


New member
Sep 7, 2014
Name: Goodhue

Server I was banned from: Not sure the original server I was banned from. But the one I am attempting to join is the ship (

Time I was banned: According to sourcebans, it was 3-13-13

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:38633017

Why I should be unbanned: My friend just bought 4 copies of The Ship on steam and we played local with just us 4 (which is so very boring) So we look online and see that the only server with people in it is yours. When I tried to join, I was banned. Wasn't sure why until I checked your site, then checked sourcebans and found the reason was propkill on join. This was over a year ago when I was a poor attempt at a troll and used to think that shit was funny.
I am very sorry and I understand if you decline the ban request.