[BANNED] The Ship: [Videod] "stinky pooper" calls someone a dumbass without provacation


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Aug 5, 2015
The Ship: [Videod] "stinky pooper" calls someone a dumbass without provacation


I'm an experienced The Ship player but I like to play as a LandLubber to surprise players who would expect me to be a low score beginner who hasn't changed their default name.

Today I've started recording every The Ship game I play in case I witness something I would want a server's admin to see such as greifing.

I guess this player was insulting me because I was a LandLubber second to him in the score table when he said this at 27:28. I think this game started at 19:17 my time (GMT + 1).

I would normally crop a recording to just show the event I wanted to report but on this occasion I've uploaded the whole video to prove that at no point in this game did I say or do anything to this player to deserve this insult. I only posted a chat message in this game when it had finished and I was the winner: "u lose pooper."

I don't think this player deserves a permanent ban but I would like his temporary ban to last a week or two because he would be more likely to care about being banned temporarily if his ban was longer than a few days.

Based on the evidence you have submitted, a ban of any length is unwarranted. I could not determine if the other party was indeed talking to you. However, I did pull up the server logs and found another instance when he insulted other players. Usually this would result in a warning, but given how I have no way to reach him to issue an warning, a temporary 5 day ban has been approved.

Thank your for reporting disruptive players!