[NOTICE] Clarifications regarding RKSzone and Clan RKS...


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Nov 11, 2008
New York City
There has been some confusion lately between "Clan RKS" and RKSzone. In an effort to reduce this confusion, I am posting here the differences.

When I first started RKSzone back couple years ago, I did not realize that there was another clan named RKS. I did initiate a google and yahoo search, but their website did not come up within the first two pages. As such, I thought that they didn't exist and went on to create RKSzone.com

Recently, I have come to discover the existance of this Clan RKS (http://forums.clanrks.com/).

RKSzone is not affiliated in any way with Clan RKS, nor are any of the original founding and leadership members.

Their clan tag is "[RKS]". Our primary tag has been "RKS | ". However, members were authorized to use "[RKS]" if they wanted to. Effectively immediately, RKSzone is dispanding the use of the [RKS] tag and all members are now required to use the "RKS | " tag.

Contrary to Clan RKS where RKS stands for "Red Klan Systems", RKS in RKSzone does not stand for anything. It's just random letters that I picked off from a Airport ICAO code (from RKSI - Incheon International Airport in South Korea). RKS does not stand for Rock Springs Airport, neither does it stand for Rich Kids Syndrome. (Source: http://forums.clanrks.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=494)

I hope this clears up most of your confusions and help to keep each other's identity as a clan distinct, separate and intact.