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    Guppy is missing

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you a video in dedication of Guppy's absence. A video not to dissimilar from my previous video of Gwahir. Enjoy.
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    Gwahir has gone missing

    This will be here until PY inevitable moves it to News and stickies it.
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    Stranded MOTD Suggestion

    You can only raid another tribe once every 10 minutes All yellow colored tribes are neutral tribes, they cannot steal nor be stolen from Salvaging props from someone else is considered raiding, however if the prop is stray from their base then you can take it Trees can't be used to block...
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    [BANNED] [TBU] Grandmahhhhhhhh

    STEAM_0:0:480077 7/31 2:58 AM DarkRP Prop killing friends with MadBear
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    [BANNED] madbear

    MadBear STEAM_0:0:49442016 7/31 2:58 am DarkRP Prop killing, notorious prop killer
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    [BANNED] Deathwishes59

    Deathwishes59 STEAM_0:0:47749136 7:31 2:30 AM Prop surfing, refusal to read rules, disconnect while jailed x3 will put up proof in a minute
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    Anything for cops that would allow them to slow down someone who is wanted, I'ts just about near impossible to arrest someone when you both are running. If you spam the arrest baton on the person you still can't arrest them, so i was thinking maybe anything that would allow you to slow them...
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    MOTD Suggestions

    Just want to see who agrees with these rules to be added, I think they would benefit the server. If a pedestrian is in the road and is stationary, running them over is considered Car Deathmatching Hitting shift or speeding up when a pedestrian is near your car kills them, then that is...
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    Mayor Broadcast

    I think it would be a nice idea to have a command only usable by mayor to be able to do a voice broadcast to all the players as opposed to just /broadcast. I don't know if it is possible,(probably not) but maybe a chat command like is they say /example then it turns on all chat just for them. I...
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    [NO ACTION] Flapjack and DerpyHooves

    a. FlapJack, DerpyHooves b. Will grab id's once i get back GMOD c. d. Around 12:10-15 PM EST -5 on 4/14 e. Server IP and Port f. Derpy random arrested me as i was fishing, then FlapJack ran into CPD and killed me in my cell. Not shown...
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    No bug report section so i'll put this here

    Last night while on the RKS Dark RP I found that if you type kill in console or bind it to a key you of course die, but when you respawn you spawn right back to where you killed yourself. Thought you may want to have a look at it.
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    [NO ACTION] Possible fraud?

    [RKS]Kenta STEAM_0:1:29176060 Forgot about this... happened a few weeks ago, one of my friend's acquaintance claimed he is from rks and is the admin of the TF2 server, he then made a server called [RKS] TF2 Test Server that was public and had no password. I remembered since i was just going...
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    [BANNED] Scorpion

    a. Scorpion b. STEAM_0:0:13638346 c. d. 1/14/2011 10:20pm-10:28pm EST -5 e. f. Prop surf x2? (1 was earlier, 2nd one don't know if it counts), Flinging props around, and prop push x2
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    -=FWK=-Pvt.NumbNuts suggestion

    NumbNuts thinks that we should make a hunting skill in GMS, sounded pretty cool to me so i'm putting it up for him. Basically if you kill an npc and collect the npcs drop ex: (Kill antlion and pick up its meat) you get experience but only if you get the drop which could be x%. The harder the npc...
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    [BANNED] ♥ NaXxap ♥

    a.♥ NaXxap ♥ b. Didn't catch steam id... sorry c. 10/11/2010 1:50 pm - 2:10 pm d. e. Was prop trapping/blocking players and structures
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    [ACCEPTED] xXmikeXx7's app

    a. DuckOnQuack b. 16 c. STEAM_0:1:29184051 d. CS:S, G-Mod, Left 4 Dead, Portal, Alien Swarm e. Newburgh, Ny f. I know people in rks server and i play very often and its a great server. g. I agree not to wear any other clan tags or join any that is not rks and will wear the rks tag h. I agree to...