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    Canada fought the soviets

    10/10 Nanotrasen approved
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    Play B.A.G Today

    If you make a character on B.A.G and start playing you get a free cookie that can heal 150 hp ;););)
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    Gmod 13 Sled Build?

    Alright I was thinking it would be nice to have a sled build server. Most of the servers that are sled build are unstable and Asian. Making most people have a ping over 100. I think it is a very fun game mode that people can have fun it.
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    Here is were we will start to play Baggens Apocalypse Game. The Character sheet is Name (real names please) Sex: Height: Hair: Eye color: Age: Weight: Ethnicity: Previous Occupation: Where you lived before the outbreak: Summary of your life: Level:1 Health 100 / 100 Hunger 100 / 100...
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    Money into Pyters

    Okay I know Pyters have no value right now, but if there was a way I can donate REAL money to get Pyters I would. Maybe like 5 dollars would get you maybe 500 pyters. I guess its pointless right now but when pyters become something we can get stuff with, I think it would be a good idea.
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    Baggens 2012

    Baggens 2012
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    [BANNED] Cracker Propkilling

    Also, here are some snap shots of the aftermath.
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    [ACCEPTED] Mr-McBaggens Recruitment

    Hello I am Mr-McBaggens. I am 14 soon to turn 15 August 1st. My steam Id is Steam_0:0:53206226. I play mostly Garry's Mod, sometimes Team Fortress 2. I live in Ohio, Best state in the U.S :cool:. I want to join RKS because it almost means instant respect on the server. Also Rofl and I have been...