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  1. RKS PY004

    Happy Holidays!

    Like the title, happy holidays. That is all.
  2. RKS PY004

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    For those for whom this is applicable; Happy Thanksgiving.
  3. RKS PY004

    Equifax SSN Breach

    For those in the US with Social Security Numbers, Equifax has just announced that they have suffered a major breach and approximately 143 million Social Security Numbers were released. To see if you were affected, you can go to and type in your last name, and last 6...
  4. RKS PY004

    The Ship Server Moving to Different Server

    We are migrating The Ship Server to a new dedicated server. IP Information will be provided when this is in progress. Expected date of work: Friday Nov 25.
  5. RKS PY004

    Happy New Year!

    It's 2016 now. Happy New Year everyone!!!
  6. RKS PY004

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
  7. RKS PY004

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Wishing all of you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. RKS PY004

    Trolling Andyman

    Trolling Andyman
  9. RKS PY004

    Server Move

    Since no one ever visits this forum anymore, I doubt any of you would have noticed. The web server has been moved to another server. This is just a summary of the changes. New Server New Server has been provisioned in Toronto, CA. It is a Dual Processor Octocore System with lots of RAM, so...
  10. RKS PY004

    Website Upgrade

    Please ignore the constant changes to the website. There is significant upgrades going on at the moment.
  11. RKS PY004

    [INFO] Acceptable Use Policy

    Acceptable Use Policy User acknowledges and agrees that the provision of services to user by and user’s acceptance and use of's services, constitute User's acceptance of and agreement to the terms and conditions of this document --'s Acceptable Use Policy...
  12. RKS PY004

    Happy Birthday MDReckless!

    Your amazing skills as a reckless MD has always inspired us to reach new levels of recklessness. I would like to thank you for all of your efforts and the amazing times you have brought us. Happy birthday dude!
  13. RKS PY004

    Guppy has been hospitalized!!!!!!!

    Guppy has been hospitalized for unknown reasons at this point. I am trying to get additional information at this point. I will update this information as necessary. I will be trying to determine which hospital he's been taken to tomorrow and attempt to visit. Hopefully he's alright...
  14. RKS PY004

    Passing of Frag

    For those EXTREMELY OLD members who knew Frag, I am sad to report Frag is no longer among us. Details are currently unavailable, however, his death has been confirmed. Some of you may have known him via other names such as Scot or Evo. For those who don't know who Frag is, he was a really...
  15. RKS PY004

    FTB Server Move

    In order to provide a better FTB environment for the Amazing Gwahir, I have decided to move the FTB server to a more powerful machine. We are also installing a SSD on this particular server to further boost performance. Expect some downtime tonight from 12 AM EDT. As for everyone else, you...
  16. RKS PY004

    RKS Clan Server Status Website

    Many of you who frequent our TeamSpeak3 servers may have hit an unexpected roadblock on Monday evening trying to join the server. Due to some network problem in the server host's Chicago data-center, all RKS services based out of Chicago failed for over four hours. Usually when there's a...
  17. RKS PY004

    Happy Birthday Guppy!

  18. RKS PY004

    Website Updates...

    The following changes have been made to the RKS website today. [UPDATED] vBulletin from 4.2.0 PL1 to 4.2.1. [UPDATED] vBulletin forum styles. [REMOVED] vBulletin Project Tools - It just wasn't working and the author wasn't updating it. This updated involved some changes to the existing...
  19. RKS PY004

    Random Thread for Getting things listed on Google?

    Here are some of the weird things RKS members have managed to get on my analytics page. I am pretty sure both were done by ODKL. Remember, after you search for these, you must click on the link to an RKS page for it to become visible. Let's see how many I end up with. (Results include...
  20. RKS PY004

    Running Byond Dream Daemon via Command Prompt

    This is for the few RKS members who has been trying to run Dream Daemon via the command line (command line parameters)... and been having trouble... Note: These were taken from the linux installation and some of them may or may not work in Windows. So far I have tried: port, safe, trusted...