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    Canada fought the soviets

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    when i joined the teamspeak3 server it said "By the order of Gwahir, everyone must hate "it" and "thing"." what is "it" and "thing"?
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    Event Server Suggestion

    can you make it so that when the event server turns on or starts or whatever that the player is able to spawn up to 5 scripted entities and 2 vehicles because the server crashes alot and its annoying to wait for an admin of the server to come online and set the entities and vehicles so if there...
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    New Melee Weapon

    I think it would be cool if there was a new melee weapon like a baseball bat or a frying pan or something of the sorts
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    New Command

    You should add a /laws command so that people may veiw the laws when there isnt a sign
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    [ACCEPTED] Applying to RKS

    Hi My IGN is Slayer or Xxslayerx2 (it varies whether or not one is taken). I am 15 years old and I live in Ontario Canada:cool:, My steam id is 0:1:50490774.I play garrys mod, counterstrike:source, minecraft, Super monday night combat, team fortress 2, Terraria, League of legends, APB reloaded...