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    Minecraft RPG Update

    I think this would attract a lot more people and it would be enjoyable. Building is fun... but there are a lot of build servers. It would be a lot more fun if it was made into a server like Gmod Stranded. What do you guys think?
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    [APPROVED] Banned From RKS Team Speak Server by Fabulous!

    a. IGN: Sober b. Banned From: RKS Team Speak Server c. Date/Time Banned: June 15 2011, About: 6:30 EST d. Steam ID: Team Speak... No Steam ID required e. Person Who Banned Me: Fabulous! e. Reason: I was banned from the Team Speak Server by Fabulous!. He's not even in RKS and he banned...
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    [ACCEPTED] RKS | Sober

    Use to be a member about 6 month ago. Wondering if I could get back in to membership. Thanks!