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    [BANNED] Pieman

    a. Pieman b. STEAM_0:1:33337206 c. d. 8:00 June 20 2012 e. Garrys mod RKS Rp server f. Prop blocking because he was mad he couldnt kill us. Used the to block up elevator so no one could go up or down.
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    Shipment Bug

    I have found out that just after you click E on a shipment and put it in your inventory you will still get the gun, and there will be 10 guns when you take the shipment back out of your inventory. It is an easy way to keep getting unlimited guns. Please look into this.
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    [ACCEPTED] Papa's RKS application

    a. Papa Smurf b. 14 c. STEAM_0:1:43673772 d. Garry's Mod, TF2, MW2, and MW3. e. Virginia, USA f. I would like to join RKS because i have been play with many nice members from the RKS clan. I would enjoy taking part in any RKS activities, and the RKS community. I have gotten to know most members...